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​Basic content of APP modified asphalt waterproof coiled material

1. definitions
Using polyester felt or glass fiber felt as tire base, polypropylene (APP) or polyolefin polymer (APAO, APO) as modified asphalt, dipping coating, waterproof material made of isolated material on both sides.
2. product classification
According to the matrix material, they are divided into polyester felt, glass fiber felt and glass fiber reinforced polyester felt.
According to the physical and mechanical properties of the coil, they can be classified into type I and type ii.
According to the upper surface isolation material is divided into polyethylene film (PE), fine sand (S) and mineral particles (piece) material (M) three kinds.
3. specifications
Width: 1000 mm.
Thickness: polyester membrane thickness of 3 mm and 4 mm points; glass fibre reinforced membrane thickness is divided into 3 mm, 4 mm and 5 mm.
Area: 10 square meters per roll (2 mm), 7.5 square meters and 5 square meters.
4. relevant standards
4.1 product execution standards:
GB18243 - 2008 "plastic modified asphalt waterproofing membrane"
4.2 code for design and construction:
GB50108 - 2008 "technical code for waterproofing of underground works"
GB50208 - 2002 code for quality acceptance of underground waterproofing works
GB50345 - 2004 "roofing engineering technical specification"
GB50207 - 2002 code for acceptance of roof engineering quality
GB50300 - 2001 "unified standard for construction quality acceptance of building engineering"
5. construction method
Hot melt or cold bonding.
6. comparison with related products
Compared with SBS modified asphalt waterproofing membrane, APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane has better high-temperature resistance performance, and is more suitable for hot areas.
7. selection key points
7.1 I polyester tire or glass fiber tire APP modified asphalt waterproof roll has higher heat resistance, but lower flexibility at low temperature. Roof waterproof layer suitable for general cold building in non cold area. The waterproof material shall not be exposed for use on polyethylene or fine sand.
7.2 type II polyester tire APP modified asphalt waterproof coiled material has the characteristics of large tensile force, high elongation, good heat resistance and good flexibility at low temperature. Applicable to the general and relatively cold or hot areas, waterproof grade is I, II, III class roofing waterproof project.
7.3 type II glass fiber tire APP modified asphalt waterproofing membrane has higher tensile strength, dimensional stability and heat resistance, but has no elongation rate. General engineering roofing or underground waterproofing works suitable for general and cold areas with stable structure.
7.4 glass fiber reinforced polyester felt sheet can be used for mechanical fixed single layer waterproofing, but it needs to be tested by wind load test.
7.5 coil and coating compound should be compatible, and should be placed on the coating; coil and waterproof mortar composite use, should be placed under the waterproof mortar.