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CLU01-solvent based polyurethane waterproof coating

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Solvent based polyurethane waterproof coating
 Single-component moisture curing pure polyurethane waterproof coating is a kind of liquid polymer  
 waterproof material, suitable for dry and wet base surface construction, solidified into tough and elastic,  
 non-toxic and tasteless waterproof film after coating. It is a new type of environmental friendly waterproof material with solvent.

Data sheet

Product name

Polyurethane waterproofing coating Grade I

National standard quality


Tensile strength / MPa    ≧


Elongation at break / %   ≧


Tearing strength/(N/mm)  ≧


Foldability at low temperature / ℃ ≦


Watertightness 0.3MPa 30min

Water resistant

Solids content / %  ≧


Surface drying time / h ≦


Hard dring time / h ≦


Heating expansion
rate / %



Aging property

Heat aging

No crack and deformation

Artificial weathering aging

No crack and deformation

 1. Simple application, reliable performance, no joint gap.
 2. Good cold &heat resistance, grease-proof &waterproof, aging, resistance, and corrosion resistance.
 3. Firm adhesion and good elongation.
 4. Good waterproofing, not dissolved in water, and it can be used together with cement and talc powder (two components).
 5. One component, in a barrel, namely uses once open. Avoid unstable product quality resulted from improper multi component mix proportion.  
 6. Stable product performance, excellent functions of anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance.
 7. Suitable for wet base and variable cross-section engineering with complex structure, perfect bonding performance.
 8. Easy to operate, suitable for large areas of engineering construction and domestic maintenance and use.  
 9. Pretty good cohesion with concrete, all kinds of pipes, plate and various waterproof sheets

 1. Flat, stand, cant roof of building, lavatory bath room, swimming pool, gutter and afforest roof.
 2. Underground construction: concrete floor, beam, shear wall, retaining wall, elevator shaft, etc.
 3. Subway, tunnel, ditch, underground structure, all kinds of pools.

 1).the storage place should be dry, aerating and avoid water.
 2).it is forbidden to contact fire because the easy is easy to burn.
 3).stir the paint home y before application if Group II Materials is found to be of some precipitate.
 4).the finished paint waterproof layer should be protected well to avoid damage before the application of protection layer. In case the paint layer is found to be damaged, cut down around the place to repair with paint.
 to repair with paint.

Recommended dosage

Coating Thickness 1.0mm:1.3-1.5kg/m2
 Coating Thickness 1.5mm:1.8-2.0kg/m2  
 Coating Thickness 2.0mm:2.5-2.7kg/m2

 1.underground construction thickness 1.2mm-2.0mm, normally 1.5mm.  
 2.Toilet and bathroom thickness ≥1.5mm roof construction with  Several waterproofing coating every layer ≥1.2mm and 2.0mm.  
 4.If you want to add a layer basement  in the middle  then under basement ≥1.0mm,upper the basement is ≥0.5mm

 Ground surface require: solid,flat, Without sundry, the concave and convex corner to make circular arc form,  diameter of concave convex must ≥50mm, and diameter of convex corner must ≥10mm.
 Ingredients and Dosage: According to the dosage of construction,Stir well to use. Dosage of reference:1mm thickness membrane after brush coating: 1.2-1.5kg/M2.
 Large area of waterproof construction:A coating evenly coated brush use a rubber or plastic scraper, thickness must same, normally the thickness should be 1.5mm and 2.0mm, and the Preferably 3-4 times brushing it, The after brushing should be after the previous coating curing membrane, and Compared to the previous one in a vertical direction for brushing,As a general, they are be separate into membrane, Underground engineering floor should be added to the carcass layer of reinforcing material.
 The thickness of coating membrane
 a.underground construction thickness 1.2mm-2.0mm, normally 1.5mm.  
 b.Toilet and bathroom thickness ≥1.5mm roof construction with  Several waterproofing coating every layer ≥1.2mm and 2.0mm.  
 d.If you want to add a layer basement in the middle then under basement ≥1.0mm,upper the basement is ≥0.5mm
 5.Facing layer construction:Before the last brushing coating cured, scatter some clean sands on the surface.
 6.Protective layer: According to the requirements or design requirements in isolation to protect, in the dry coating surface brush a layer of the protective layer of cement base. The cement base is about 2mm-3mm.