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Acrylic exposed waterproof coating

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Acrylic waterproof coating

 Acrylic waterproof coating is pure acrylic emulsion as the base material, adding other additives and made of one-component water emulsion waterproof coating
 Application: Non - long - term flooding environment, anti - seepage engineering.
 Feature: wet surface construction
 Color: can be customized

Data sheet





Tensile strength Mpa ≥



Elongation at break % ≥



low temperature flexibility ℃



Watertightness 0.3MPa,0.5h


Drying time

Surface dry

4 h

Total dry

8 h

Main Feature
 1, wet surface construction;
 2, with water as a dispersion medium, non-toxic, tasteless, does not pollute the environment, is environmentally friendly products;
 3, single component, cold construction, you can use the brush, roll, spray, scraping, etc. for coating;
 4, with good resistance to aging, extensibility, elasticity, adhesion and film forming;
 5, the waterproof layer for the closed system, the overall waterproof effect is good, especially for the construction of special-shaped grass-roots structure;
 6, can be used for rubber asphalt black waterproof layer of color beautification protection layer.

 1, applicable to the roof, wall, bathroom, basement and other non-long-term immersion environment, anti-seepage project;
 2, especially for light shell structure of the roof waterproofing works, can also be used as a binder or external wall decoration paint


1, cannot under 4 ℃ or construction in the rain, not in the special wet again not ventilated environment construction, otherwise it will affect film;

2. After construction, we should carefully check all parts of the whole project, especially the weak links, find the problems, find out the causes and repair them in time.

Packaging storage
 1. This product is non-flammable and explosive material and can be transported by general cargo. Avoid exposure and cold during transportation. Environmental temperature not lower than 0 ℃, otherwise the heat preservation measures should be taken.
 More than 2, the product should be stored at 0 ℃ indoor and ventilated the shade; Storage temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃, should not be below 0 ℃.
 3. This product is non-hazardous, non-toxic, odorless and pollution-free, and can be safely transported.
 4. Since the date of production, the storage period shall be 12 months, and the storage period shall be inspected and the results shall be in conformity with the standards.